1 Day Fr. 90.00
2 Days Fr. 120.00
3 Days Fr. 170.00
1 Week Fr. 260.00
2 Weeks Fr. 400.00
Every further day + Fr. 30.00
Roadbikes: Specialized Tarmac Disc MTB: Specilaized SJ Expert Carbon Returns: The cleaned bicycle is to be returned on the last rental day by 18.00 o’clock. Otherwise, a supplementary fee of CHF 29.60 will be charged for cleaning. Please note: As a renter, you are responsible for the object leased by us. In the case of any loss, you yourself will be held liable. If the borrowed property is damaged upon return, we reserve the right to charge you for the damages. We are happy if you treat our goods as your own and wish you a great time!